Rules and Regs for Rating at RateYourBun!

~Please submit a post with the following information:

Your name:
Your bun's name:
Physical Traits:
Personality Traits:
Tell us more about your bun:

And include at least ONE photo, if not more!

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~In the comments, the official community judges will rate your bun using a scale of 0-10, 10 being the best.
~After a significant number of votes, your score is tallied. If your bun rates higher than 90%, then you receive a first rate stamp and judging ability!

Rules and Regs for Photo Contests at RateYourBun!

~For each theme week contest, each member of the community may submit one entry post featuring one photo. (of any number of buns)
~Subject line must include theme week plus bun's name.
~Include with the photo a suggestion for next week's theme! That way once a winner is selected, the next contest can immediately begin. If there is no suggestion listed, the mod shall chose a theme.
~Please only submit photos of your own bun. If the bun is a rescue, an exception will be made seeing as you've had as much contact with the bun.
~In the event of a tie, a new poll will be posted as a tiebreaker and shall last until the following day OR until there are five or more votes without another tie.
~Members are asked to please only vote for ONE photo and to not vote for their own buns.
~If you are posting a contest entry and are posting other photos in the same entry, please put the contest entry photo outside of an LJ cut and the rest of the photos under an LJ cut.
~Please be relevant when posting submissions... I mean, heck, thatís why there is a theme!
~Members may enter every week, however, the same person may not win two weeks in a row.
~Please be sure your photo is under 600pixels large on the longest side.

Rules and Regs for Judging at RateYourBun!

~If you receive a first rate stamp, you may judge new members.
~Judge fairly based on application info and photos.
~Post your rating in the comments IN BOLD, 0 being the lowest rating, 10 being the highest.